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Yoga helps us to work and purify our thoughts until we obtain that complete liberated state, it gives us a greater sense of community, has respect for all the different lives, and helps us understand that we all have the same common spirit.

This path of introspection and learning Yoga began mainly through personal practice, answering to a call of curiosity and desire for inner understanding. When I began to become more involved with Yoga, I understood that learning from teachers develops and expands your practice and understanding of it by taking you by the hand along paths that have already been traveled and experienced. This made me approach the knowledge of different Yoga practices Yoga and their philosophy, where I have found a vast spiritual and mental richness and strength; connecting and identifying myself more deeply with the practice of Ashtanga, without ignoring the personal practice, which is the one that takes you on a deeper level of connection and introspection.


I practice Yoga because I feel and see its results in each part of me and who practices it, expanding the limits of our personal existence and opening ourselves to carry and share this existence with others in a healthy and collective way. It leads us to a broader understanding of ourselves through the mastery of our senses, our body, and above all our mind.

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