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I perceive the Acroyoga practice as a tool of personal transformation that expands itself in a socially way in the forms of interactions of respect, cordiality, and kindness from one another; through communication and corporal and verbal expression, we come to a better understanding of ourselves and the people with whom we relate in the practice.

It works from the inside out and vice versa, making us aware of the way we like to be treated, observing the reactions and actions that are generated in us and others, by interacting physically and emotionally. Balancing our conscious ego to respect and respect others we achieve the increasing of our degree of understanding, tolerance, and empathy for the diverse worlds that live in each head, becoming more open and receptive beings.

"In Acroyoga our being can be realized, celebrated and shared for the benefit of all" todos"

When our being constantly feels the experience of giving and receiving, supporting and being supported, it develops sensitivity to one another, attracts people in a special way of connection. Through contact, communication, and play generating friendship and a strong sense of community.

Technically Acroyoga is an interpersonal practice that integrates the fusion of the fundamentals of the practices of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai massage; ancestral practices that in their components highlight the dynamic, spiritual, and loving elements of them, generating two main types of Acroyoga, the Solar or Acrobatic and the Lunar o Therapeutic.

Solar Acroyoga has more dynamic energy, where we develop an active body practice in which the body participates fully developing transitions through different positions where we work by means of strength, balance, concentration, and breathing.

Lunar Acroyoga focuses on a therapeutic flight, where through torsion, flexion pressure and extension of the body; it undergoes a decompression that takes him to a state of complete relaxation.

Acroyoga is learning to connect from the inside out. Through playful situations, it explores different ways of approaching, focus, communication, balance, flexibility, and mutual respect.

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