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"Our task must be to free ourselves by expanding our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and all of nature and its beauty."

These disciplines of movement, balance, and body exploration, develop a good practice of coexistence because they bring you closer to each other through different emotions and feelings, making us work as a team to get to know each other and understand the best way to connect and get closer, to achieve our common goals within the practice, expanding and developing values ​​that can be applied also in our daily life.

I often imagine ourselves as if we were all part of a great mandala drawing and weaving figures and patterns made by our symbiotic dances between each other, this dances could be in different types, whether physical, emotional, or sensorial. These disciplines for me are like shaping these forms through the union of the figures and patterns that the geometry of the human body draws in this interaction of bodies finding balance by means of aligning not only those geometries but also aligning our emotions and minds together so we can achieve our common goal of co-creating with each other. That’s how I think we weave our relationships: through our communication which is more than verbal and this helps us to improve the ways we live bringing more harmony and respect, growing and learning together.


Tenochtitline Slackline

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Collective of Women Slackers in Mexico

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