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The Slackline is a practice that focuses on the improvement of balance between body and mind by bringing full consciousness to the present moment to find equilibrium on a line that rises above the air and is anchored to two fixed points. 

 I started practicing Slackline in 2011 in Mexico City. I did not understand how something that seemed so simple, at that time was impossible for me, this challenged me and led me to this path of self-discovery and introspection. In this practice, I have learned to work on my mental focus and to understand more clearly the connection and movement of my body and mind, in synchrony with my breathing.

At that time that was a very new activity in Mexico, which led me to be one of the pioneers and together with a group of friends who also began to practice this discipline, in 2014 we formed the first Slackline team in Mexico with the name "Tenochtitline" a team that today has been formally consolidated as a sports community with common goals and projects.

Being part of the development and evolution of this discipline in Mexico and wishing to expand this knowledge to others, I obtained the Slackline Instructor certification "C" by the International Slackline Association (ISA), in the first instructor training in Latin America. This passion and quest for balance has led me to participate also in competitions and events within Mexico and in different countries, getting to know the different communities that practice the sport of slackline, participating as an athlete and/or instructor. I found support through different sponsors and today I am part of the team of Slackline Industries athletes.

Currently I continue traveling and practicing slackline in a professional way, dedicating most of my time to spread the interest in the principles of balance that I have found on my path due to the Slackline.

My goal is to continue learning about balance through the exploration of the interrelation between body mind and movement. I seek to develop my potential in the best possible way and strengthen the spirit of community in society through playful moments that inspire people to live their lives freely and happily.

A discipline that through a playful practice helps us to develop patience and perseverance, to explore and connect with ourselves through the work and exploration of the dynamic balance, alignment, breathing, proprioception, strength, flexibility, focus and mental clarity. Developing an active, focused, resistant and conscious body and mind; taking us to a state of balance in plenitude.

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